“In fact we must always go in search of strategies to activate art. And in that case the last thing you should do is put it on an altar. If you do so, it dies. Because all you are doing then is generating apparent certainties. We must, on the contrary, preserve the loss that the artist formulates. So that art does not become property, not something we possess, not something we know. Art is about what we do not know, about asking questions and allowing mysteries to remain unsolved”

Jan Hoet 1975 -1999, ‘Creating Space for Looking’ in S.M.A.K., Ludion, 1999, p.13

Below is an open series of preliminary themes to be explored. Each one can contain questions and fragments, which will encourage the development of a discussion around the following notions:


Post-medium Condition




The Future is Now: Propositions for Art Museums in the 21st Century