Originated by Montabonel & Partners, MEDIA IN THE EXPANDED FIELD Site is a collaborative platform for the participants in the think tank entitled Media in the Expanded Field. The core aspect of the project is research and this blog will represent its tangible manifestation. It is composed of a series of pages, including Themes – containing fragments, short statements and questions – and posts falling under different categories. The Think Tank Members and Contributors can both upload posts, which explore the proposed themes, and elaborate the material of each page. The blog’s primary aim is, in fact, that of progressively generating content, reactions, and interactions to be extensively developed during the think tank, and further disseminated beyond it.

The event is the second stage of a broader project, initiated with a roundtable discussion held on the 19th of February 2015 between academics, artists and curators about the uses of technology in contemporary art practices. Having identified and reflected on the consequences of this discussion, Montabonel & Partners have compiled a brief introductory text as a means of reaching out to a wider audience of experts from different countries and institutions.

Following the circulation of this preliminary text, an exclusive group of artists, curators, academics and museum professionals has been selected to join the think tank, which will take place at Fundación Casa Wabi, Puerto Escondido (Mexico), from the 12th to the 18th of July 2016. Over the course of this week, the objective for the participants will be to both share and produce knowledge on the subject of art and technology, and the future of collecting practices, generating a comprehensive report. This will represent the basis for the formation of the Network for the Art Institutions of the 21st Century, which will bring the discourse forward by establishing and maintaining connections among a diversity of art organisations, with the aim of creating a platform for productive discussions and development of joint initiatives.

The copyright of the texts contained in this blog is property of the authors and Montabonel & Partners. Please do not cite or quote without authors’ prior written permission.

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