DAVID PRICE: What sort of film pt.6, Aspects of Authorship – Writing in The Field of Expanded Illusions (introduction)

One of series of films by the artist and writer David Price that stage, document and demonstrate aspects of practice. The films all share the locus of the ‘desktop’, in both senses of the word. This clip is the ‘introduction’ to a longer film that takes the place of an academic paper on technology and practice, specifically writing. It also charts the production of another piece of much more abstract writing. A stack of desks… and the act of writing without paper…



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  1. mefsite

    The film says so much about the use of technology (while saying it) – addressing technology as physical site, as content, as a mechanism of distribution. I think the question of substitution – something taking the place of something else – is especially relevant in regard to representation in New Media. In this instance a film takes the place of an academic paper on the subject of technology and practice. It makes me wonder if the most productive things are often about something else that has been deferred, that cannot be represented due to an over-presence of the material, as in the case of New Media?

    Nicolas de Oliveira


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