Fundación Casa Wabi



From the 12th to the 18th of July 2016, the Casa Wabi Foundation will host the think tank Media in the Expanded Field.

“Fundación Casa Wabi is a non-profit organization funded by public and private donations; a multidisciplinary arts center which aims to promote the exchange of ideas between artists of different disciplines and local communities.

Casa Wabi has a privileged location situates between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean and few minutes from Puerto Escondido in the Oaxaca state of Mexico. It was designed and constructed by Tadao Ando, Japanese architect, winner of the Pritzker Prize in 1995 and one of the most recognized in the world.

All spaces in Casa Wabi have been designed to accentuate the landscape of the area. Facilities include six private bedrooms, two sharing studies, a multipurpose room, a screening room, an exhibition gallery, a sculpture garden and multiple recreational areas. “Wabi” is derived from the Japanese wabi sabi, a concept that refers to an aesthetic ideal or way of life that finds beauty in imperfection, impermanence, accident and depth of nature.

This Foundation seeks to be a meeting place for artists to converge through its residency programs, sculpture garden, and film series. Exploring and exchanging new ideas and concepts with fellow resident artists, the participants will discover a different environment for professional development. The goal is to promote integration, both innovative and unique, and a new collection of unfiltered artwork, highlighting the human aspect in the union of art and nature.

The development of a live museum generates an aesthetic experience different from that of a museum or gallery, and encourages the interaction amongst nature, contemporary art, architecture and the local communities creating a unique and innovative scene”.


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